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“Greenest of the Green” Story

The Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association members are committed to helping make the world a better place. To demonstrate this commitment CIMA members launched the Greenest of the Green® campaign to educate building industry professionals, government officials, homeowners and consumers about the benefits of using environmentally friendly products like cellulose insulation.

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This campaign includes:

  • CIMA producer members committed to using the highest percentage of post-consumer waste paper as the raw material for their products.
  • CIMA producer members focused on procuring the raw material, producing and distributing products locally and regionally to minimize environmental impacts.
  • CIMA maintaining the Greenest Insulation Blog to share information about green products, green building trends and energy efficiency innovations.
  • CIMA working with local, state and federal agencies to provide guidance for governmental programs that sensibly fund initiatives to encourage and reward consumers, homeowners and businesses that use more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly building materials.

Watch the Greenest of the Green® video to learn more about this campaign.

See all the green facts of cellulose insulation.

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