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CIMA Video - Greenest of the Green The Greenest of the Green
CIMA Video - Cellulose Insulation Installation Demonstration No Building Insulation Fire Test
CIMA Video - Cellulose Insulation Installation Demonstration Sprayed Cellulose Insulation Building Fire Test
CIMA Video - Cellulose Insulation Installation Demonstration Fiberglass Batt Insulaton Building Fire Test
CIMA Video - Cellulose Insulation Installation Demonstration Fiberglass Blown-in Insulation Test
CIMA Video - Cellulose Insulation Installation Demonstration Installation Demonstration
CIMA Video - Cellulose Insulation in the Home Cellulose Insulation in the Home
CIMA Video - The Green Build Expo CIMA at the Green Build Expo
CIMAC Video - Cellulose Insulation Soundproofing Demonstration Soundproofing Demonstration
What R-Value
R-Value =
temp diff X area X time

heat loss
Really Means
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CIMA Associate Members

CIMA Associate Members provide materials and services to manufacturers of cellulose insulation. They demonstrate their support for the growth and welfare of the cellulose industry by joining with the Producer Members of CIMA in promoting the objectives of the association.

Current Associate Members Include:

  • American Borate Company
    5700 Cleveland St.
    Virginia Beach, VA 23462
    (757) 490-2242
    Fax: (757) 490-1548
  • Borichem
    4082 Manchester Lake Dr.
    Wellington, FL 33467
    (561) 966-0500
    Fax: (561) 966-7991
  • Ecko Innovation LLC.
    7435 Holden Drive
    Fort Wayne, IN 46835
    (260) 498-8079
  • Etimine USA, Inc.
    One Penn Center West
    Suite 400
    Pittsburgh, PA 15276
    (412) 809-8215
    Fax: (412) 809-8217
  • InCide Technologies
    50 North 41st Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ 85009
    (602) 233-0756
    Fax: (602) 272-4864
  • Intec
    371 Monarch Street
    P.O. Box 579
    Frederick, CO 80530
    (303) 833-6644
    Fax: (303) 833-6650
  • Krendl Machine Company
    1201 Spencerville Ave.
    Delphos, OH 45833
    (419) 642-3060
    Fax: (419) 695-9301
  • National BoraXX Corporation
    3690 Orange Place
    Suite 480
    Cleveland, OH 44122
    (800) 292-8680
    Fax: (618) 289-3214
  • PolyTran, Inc.
    1630 Thacker Avenue
    Jacksonville, FL 32207
    (904) 306-0027
  • Rethceif Packaging
    420 Industrial Parkway
    Ossian, IN 46777
    (260) 622-7200
    Fax: (260) 622-7220
  • Reynolds Engineering & Equipment, Inc.
    P.O. Box 707
    Muscatine, IA 52761-0012
    (563) 263-5549
    Fax: (563) 264-8420
  • UltraCell Insulation
    1 Broadway, 14th Floor
    Cambridge, MA 02142
    (866) 616-8393
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