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Insulation Saving Calculator

Enter all your data for your project and the fuel information then click Calculate to see an estimate of potential annual savings. You can also see how your insulation decisions could impact your CO2 emissions.

Enter Values Below
Area to be upgraded Sq Ft Enter the surface area of the space where insulation is to be upgraded.
Heating Degree Days HDD (oF) Help on finding Heating Degree Days for your area
Current R Value US R Value Help on looking up R values
New Total R Value US R Value Help on looking up R values
Pick your fuel type below -- Then, enter the correct fuel cost for your area, and furnace efficiency for your particular home.

(Note fuel costs vary greatly. Contact your local fuel provider for current prices and change the default amount for the most accurate estimation of potential savings.)

Natural Gas Fuel Oil Propane Electricity
Click Calculate button to update fuel saving
$ Saving per year $'s The dollar saving in fuel cost for the first year.
$ Saving for 10 years $'s The dollar saving in fuel costs for the first 10 years, assuming a 10% increase in fuel cost each year.
Greenhouse Gas Reduction lbs per year If electricity is the fuel, it is assumed it is generated in a coal fired power plant.

This calculator is designed to provide approximate estimated potential savings. Actual savings can vary greatly depending on many factors including variations in fuel prices, accuracy of information used in calculations and other variables. A professional energy audit is the most accurate way to estimate potential savings for energy-efficient home improvements.

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