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Dry Blown-In Cellulose Insulation

There are two techniques used to install dry blown-in cellulose insulation: loose-fill and dense pack.

Open Attics - Loose Fill

A blowing machined and flexible hose are used to dry blow cellulose insulation fiber into open attics. Blow the amount of insulation, specified by the chart on the bag, evenly throughout the attic to achieve the correct R-value. Before installing, be sure to prepare the attic space to properly receive the dry blown-in insulation.

Loose-fill is the least complicated option for homeowners interested in a DIY cellulose installation.

Enclosed Wall - Dense Pack

Dense packing of enclosed walls tightly seals cavities for exceptional insulating properties. However, it is a more complicated installation process. It requires additional flexible wall hoses and a machine capable of producing a minimum of 2.9 psi pressure from the hose outlet of the machine.

This type of installation requires specialized tools and knowledge, and frequently involves work performed from ladders or staging around significant and potentially life-threatening hazards such as plumbing and the home’s electrical service and hidden wiring.

For these reasons, CIMA does not recommend homeowners attempt a job of this scope. Please seek the services of an experienced insulation installer. See the Full Site for more details.

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