Cellulose Insulation Producer Members


CIMA producer members are manufacturing companies that walk the talk when it comes to thinking globally and acting locally. Cellulose insulation is typically produced in regional plants within relatively close proximity to distribtution locations. This allows the production of cellulose insulation to recycle waste paper into highly effective insulation, create local and regional jobs, and use less energy transporting products than many other types of insulation and building products.

Like most large businesses, CIMA Producer Members do distribute their products throughout geographic areas that can cover mulitple states. There may not be a cellulose insulation plant directly in your community or even your state, but cellulose insulation is readily available in every part of the US. The current Producer Member Companies are liste below by state. Use the Producer Members referral service here on the website to find the CIMA Producer Members that service your state and get information on local contractors and home centers that provide cellulose insulation.