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Cellulose: Environmentally Friendly Insulation

When it comes to protecting the environment, no other building insulation comes close to cellulose insulation - The Greenest of the Green. It has a wide variety of inherent environmentally beneficial characteristics. Take a few minutes to better understand why and it becomes the building insulation of choice for building industry professionals and consumers interested in conserving energy, saving money and lowering environmental impacts.

Cellulose insulation is the environmentally Eco-Friendly Building Insulation
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There are many ways a building product can be eco-friendly and environmentally beneficial. Cellulose insulation excels in all the key areas:

  • The higher the recycled content of the raw material used to make the product has a huge influence on the environment. Cellulose insulation is up to 85% recycled paper—read more.
  • The amount of energy required to manufacture the product has a direct impact on the environment. Cellulose insulation has the lowest embodied energy of the leading insulation products.
  • The shipping distance from the factory to the consumer impacts the environment. Cellulose insulation is produced regionally by environmentally responsible manufacturers and has generally shorter shipping distances lowering resulting fuel emissions.
  • Having a renewable natural resource for the raw material influences the environmental aspects of the product. Cellulose insulation is made from consumer paper products, which are tied to responsible forestry management and a highly renewable resource of planted trees.
  • The waste created during installation of a building product has an impact on the environment. Cellulose insulation is fully recovered and reused on site, when installed by professional insulation contractors, leaving virtually no excess material to return to the waste stream.
  • A building product that can sequester carbon has a huge benefit to the environment by reducing greenhouse gases that cause climate change. Cellulose insulation is basically plant cell mater in the form of paper that is made from wood and thus contains high percentages of carbon. When added to homes, as part of wood-intensive construction, cellulose insulation traps that carbon for years effectively lowering the carbon footprint of homes.

Choose environmentally conscious cellulose insulation. The Greenest of the Green.

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