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Cellulose Insulation Info - For Green Conscious Builders

Cellulose Insulation Information For Builders


Cellulose insulation provides builders with proven advantages in product performance and environmental benefits. These advantages translate into greater satisfaction and improved living environments for customers, and increased sales and profitability for companies that specify cellulose insulation as their standard insulation product.

CIMA encourages builders to consider making cellulose insulation the standard product for homes and remodeling projects instead of less energy efficient batt insulation or more costly foam products that are not eco-friendly. It's an excellent way to demonstrate real green building innovation and provide added value to customers.

Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers AssociationDownload a PDF document of general specifications for cellulose insulation.

There are a variety of marketing materials here on the website builders can download to help share the benefits and advantages of cellulose insulation with customers. Integrate these materials in brochure packets and on websites to promote your building or construction company's use of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient cellulose insulation.

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