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Installing Cellulose Insulation - Demonstration Video

Installing Cellulose Insulation


There are various forms of insulation and specific techniques are available for the proper installation of each form.

Some of the more common forms of insulation include:

  • Loose-Fill (blown-in)
  • Batts and Rolls
  • Spray Applied Foam
  • Rigid
  • Reflective

Cellulose comes in a loose-fill form, batt and blanket form and can be applied as loose fill in open attics, dense packed into enclosed framing cavities or spray applied into open wall framing.

It is possible to install some types of cellulose insulation as DIY projects. However, CIMA recommends using a professional insulation contractor for any type of installation to achieve the best results and maximum energy savings. It’s important to select a contractor with experience installing cellulose.

Use the referral service here on the website to contact CIMA producers that service your state who can recommend contractors and installers.

Insulation Contractor blowing in cellulose insulation into a wall