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Cellulose Insulation Helps Make The Pretty Good House

Cellulose Insulation is part of “The Pretty Good House” Concept


Meadow View House from Atmosphere Design Build Website

Finding ways to reduce climate change and global warming impacts is a universal need around the world today. Many in the building industry continue to work on improving new home construction with innovations to build more energy efficient homes. Architects and builders tend to be the change agents for such innovation within the industry. Some have championed the Passive House concept, which has been covered here on the Greenest Insulation Blog. An alternative trend has emerged in an effort to find a more attainable approach to lowering the carbon footprint in new home construction.

The Pretty Good House, which appears to have come initially out of Maine where one of the coldest climates in the U.S. drives an innate desire for more energy efficient homes, is an effort to bring a more practical alternative to the rigid Passive House approach of home design. profiled Architect Jeff Adams and Atmosphere Design/Build for their “Meadow View House” project in Northern California. This innovative home embodies the principles of the “Pretty Good House” such as using building products that require lower embodied energy. Those include loading the ventilated attic with the greenest of the green R-60 cellulose insulation. Read more about the Meadow View House and see the Pretty Good House site for more on the concept.

CIMA applauds architects like Jeff Adams, and all those architects and builders involved with the Pretty Good House approach, who are finding ways to make more energy efficient homes and buildings more practical. Have other examples of Pretty Good Houses, share them in a comment here on the blog.