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Cellulose Insulation Producers Recycling Offsets China Cutback

China Accepting Less U.S. Recycling Means Paper For Cellulose

Insolution TV News Story Link CIMA
China is curtailing the amount of recycling material it accepts from the United States. This continues to be a pressing problem since the U.S. has shipped much of its recycled paper, plastic and glass to China for years.

CIMA producer member Insolution of Minnesota was recently featured in a local news story about how they, along with other cellulose insulation producers, are helping to recycle the excess waste paper domestically.

The change also can mean good news for consumers. Cellulose insulation contains over 80% recycled material with most of that in the form of post-consumer waste paper. More paper being recycled domestically increases the supply available for production.

“It’s a win-win for everyone along the waste paper stream,” says CIMA Executive Director Dan Lea. “Environmentally conscious consumers get the satisfaction of knowing the newspapers and other paper they set out for recycling may not end up in a landfill if China doesn’t take it. CIMA producers have more access to recycled paper, and in some cases, as mentioned by Insolution, the cost may be lower and passed on to consumers buying cellulose insulation. The planet benefits from having more homes insulated with cellulose insulation making them more energy efficient and with less environmental impacts than other leading insulation products.”

It starts with homeowners and businesses considering the Greenest of the Green cellulose insulation when choosing an insulation product for their homes and buildings.