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Cellulose Insulation Slows Home Fires

Cellulose Insulation Slow House Fire Spread By Design

cellulose insulation flame/smoke spread rating
One the most misunderstood characteristic of cellulose insulation is it’s ability to slow the spread of flames in home and building fires.

Cellulose Insulation is treated with boric acid and designed specifically to slow the spread of flames during a fire. All CIMA Producers include this feature in their cellulose insulation products. CIMA has also done extensive scientific studies, even replicating fires in mock buildings with cellulose insulated walls.

Many homeowners, even professional firefighters, misinterpret this feature when confronting fires where the flames  dissipate and begin smolder when coming into contact with cellulose insulation. However, a recent story from Muskegon, Michigan, a state where cellulose insulation is widely used, demonstrates a fire department that gets it when it comes to cellulose insulation and fire.

The story carried on the local FOX news affiliate station includes an assessment by Musekgon Fire Department Deputy Director Jay Paulson, “…did note the building recently underwent an extensive remodel, including adding new cellulose insulation, which tends to slow the spread of fire through a building.”

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