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Cellulose Insulation Used In Historic Yellowstone Photography Store

Renovation of the historic Haynes Pictures Shop included Cellulose Insulation

Read Billings Gazette Article

Cellulose insulation has been around at least since the time of Jefferson’s Monticello when old newspapers were used to insulate the famed mansion. Since that time, the product has evolved into one of the most popular types of insulation available.

Recently, another historic building, the Haynes Pictures Shop in Yellowstone National Park, was updated with cellulose insulation during a complete renovation. The Billings Gazette has a good article on the renovation project that includes fascinating insight into the history of the building. In this day, where almost everyone has a cell phone with a digital camera, it is interesting to think there was a time when visitors to Yellowstone had to rely on a picture shop and professional photographers. Good to have this historical building back in business, even if no longer providing pictures of Yellowstone.

It’s also good to see cellulose insulation is still around well over 200 years later and still making old buildings and new homes better places to live and work.