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CIMA Launches New Improved Blog

Dayton, OH (August 31, 2011)–CIMA has launched a brand new look and feel to the blog of the Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association. First published as the Greenest of the Green web blog in 2008, the content and interest has grown to a point where an update was necessary according to Executive Director Dan Lea. The blog has also been relocated from WordPress to the website for better integration and expanded functionality.

“A primary goal for this upgrade is to broaden the focus of this blog while remaining true to the original intent of identifying green ideas and solutions for improving energy efficiency, “says Lea. “The intent moving forward is to expand content to include a wider range of articles and information relating to insulation, energy, the environment and beyond.”

CIMA plans to continue stimulating the dialogue with consumers, industry professionals and anyone interested in sharing ideas, comments or suggestions. The public can participate in the discussion about cellulose insulation and other innovating products and ideas by adding a comment at the bottom of any post or page. Lea encourages anyone to become a subscriber and receive email notices whenever a new post is published.

“Our privacy policy is simple and straight forward,“said Lea. “We never sell or give subscriber information to any third party. We keep posts informative and interesting but at a volume that will not overwhelm our subscribers. And we encourage comments but never reveal your contact information.”

For more information contact:

Dan Lea

Executive Director

Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association (CIMA)

136 S. Keowee St., Dayton, OH 45402

Tel: 1-937-222-CIMA (222-2462)

Fax: 1-937-222-5794