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CIMA Launches New Marketing Initiative

Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers are launching a new initiative to bring the unique benefits of cellulose insulation to the attention of a wider audience. The initiative kickoffs with the debut of a major tradeshow display–the Cellulose Pavilion at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Convention in Washington, DC May 17 – 1cellulose insulation pavilion setup day pic
9, 2012.

“In the 10 minutes we estimate the average person will spend in the Pavilion another 1,126,330 pounds of paper will become waste in the U.S.,“ CIMA President Chris Hoch said. “Recycled as cellulose insulation, that’s enough paper to insulate 220 energy-efficient homes.”

Hoch said continued concern over climate change, rising energy costs and renewed interest in insulation triggered the launch of CIMA’s initiative. “The country is looking for solutions and we believe cellulose insulation is the right product to bring energy savings to consumers and businesses while simultaneously providing tremendous environmental benefits to the planet.”