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CIMA Salutes National Recycle Day 2021

Cellulose Insulation Perfect Fit For National Recycle Day

Paper in Landfill with esitmate of annual U.S. waste paper.
Cellulose Insulation is the leader in recycled building products and the perfect fit for participating in National Recycling Day…and every day!

No other building insulation (or just about any other building product) comes close to the recycled content of cellulose insulation. It is made from up to 85% recycled paper that would otherwise end up in the waste stream going into landfills to decompose adding to greenhouse gases and global warming.

Estimates vary but it’s thought that the equivalent of approximately 1 Billion trees worth of paper goes into landfills every year in America. The impact is huge since carbon is stored in trees and the paper products made from them. When allowed to decompose all that carbon is released back into the atmosphere.

When recycled into cellulose insulation, the benefits are compounded:

  • The paper is diverted from landfills
  • It becomes one of the most efficient building insulation products as cellulose insulation
  • It’s low embodied energy required in the manufacturing process (up to 64 times lower than other leading types of insulation) further minimizes environmental impacts
  • The insulation traps the inherent carbon for the life of the structure making homes and buildings insulated with cellulose mini “carbon sinks” for many years
  • If greatly improves the energy efficiency of homes and builders saving owners money every month while also helping to save the environment.

Consider using the Greenest of the Green cellulose insulation for all your building insulation projects on this day and every day. It just makes sense to insulation with recycled cellulose insulation!