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Completely Sealed & Insulated Homes Don’t Need To Be Heated

graphic of energy efficient house from

Click to see a graph of the study from the energy collective.

Here at the Greenest Insulation Blog it has long been asserted the best energy saving home improvement is a well insulated house. A story at comparing the value of insulation in homes in Northern Europe confirms this premise. They compare a “leaky” house with one termed modern and another termed passive. At the passive level homes are totally sealed (to the point of requiring outside air ventilation) and actually “so well insulated and air tight that they only need the sun, bodies, appliances and some heat recovery to stay comfortable.”

In most cases a “passive” home is impractical. However, the “modern” home is attainable, and as the chart provided by indicates, offers substantial potential energy savings. They note that “Because of its better insulation it (modern house) needs just half the heating of the leaky house.”

With cellulose insulation, blown in properly by a professional installer, a house becomes more air tight and gets a leg up on moving into the “modern” level. Cellulose insulation fills all the nooks and crannies of a space much better than batt insulation providing a tighter seal in walls and attics.

For those looking to make energy efficient home improvements the first step is upgrading or adding insulation. It’s the best way to lower heating costs and to achieve a quicker recovery on the investment.