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Dispelling Cellulose Insulation Fire Safety Myth

Video preview clip link to man burning penny in hand full of cellulose insulation
There seems to be a lot of myths surrounding Cellulose Insulation. Namely, that it is made from paper so it must burn easily and that because it is called “cellulose” it must be a food source for mold. Well, quite frankly, neither of these statements hold any water.

First, the recycled paper that is made into insulation is treated with non-toxic, fire retardant chemicals such as boric acid to stop the insulation burning. Just watch this clip from Big Sky Insulation to see if you think Cellulose insulation is not fire resistant. By the way, we don’t recommend you try this with other insulation materials.

The second myth is about mold being attracted to Cellulose insulation because “cellulose” is a “food source”. Again, this is just a myth to cause people to doubt the effectiveness of Cellulose insulation. Backed by years of rigorous testing, Cellulose insulation meets all of the standards established by the ASTM (formerly the Amercian Society for Testing and Materials) for fungi resistance (i.e. Mold).

2013-01-28 15:28:14
Charlie says:

is cellulose good for sound proofing? I live in a duplex and our bedroom is over our garage our neighbors garage is next to us and we hear his door opener sound through our bedroom wall early every morning. Will cellulose take out the sound?

2013-01-28 16:02:37
CIMA Admin says:

All the fiber insulation materials are approximately equal in terms of their performance as sound absorptive material in building assemblies. Adding absorptive material--in this case cellulose insulation--to the wall will undoubtedly help, but whether the results will be totally satisfactory from your perspective only you can tell. Remember that your neighbor's door operator is mounted to wood framing members and they are undoubtedly carrying much of the sound through the structure.