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Energy Audits And Home Inspections

Every year millions of houses are sold in the U.S. In many cases, a professional home inspection is conducted in the transaction process. The inspection is typically paid by the purchaser although, like most everything else in real estate transactions, this can be negotiable between buyer and seller. In some cases, such as with FHA and VA insured mortgages, an inspection can even be required.


Energy Audits include blower door test

Some believe the next logical step is to include energy audits as part of the real estate transaction process. Professional energy audits are now very affordable and comparable to a high quality home inspection. An energy audit would be a nominal percentage in the scope of most residential real estate transactions. However, there would be a huge potential payback in future savings to homeowners, and substantial reductions in wasted energy nationally, with the resulting improvements to upgrade the energy efficiency of houses. This idea is taking hold already in some parts of the country as noted in this recent article in GreenTechMedia. (more…)

2012-07-26 10:19:07
Home Insulation says:

The UK already has something like this in place with Energy Performance Certificates, which essentially act as a grading system to let people know how energy efficient a property is. The worry with systems like this is that some homeowners can wind up viewing them as intrusive.

2012-07-28 14:53:55
Seattle Inspector says:

These audits also help improve the indoor air quality as well.