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Find Earth Day Celebrations for 2013

CIMA Greenest of the Green
Monday April 22, 2013 is Earth Day! It’s a great day to celebrate the planet and get a better understanding of our environment. Here are some interesting places online about Earth Day and ways to check your footprint on the planet.

Also check website in your local area to find out what’s happening in your town or city to recognize this observance of Mother Earth. Get out and celebrate life on the most beautiful planet in our solar system (and likely the entire universe!)

  • The NOAA website has lots of interesting information about our planet and lists NOAA related Earth Day events happening across the U.S. Check out the website to find lots of interesting facts and trends about our planet.

  • The U.S. Census Bureau website has lots of very interesting facts on its Earth Day page.

Test your Global Footprint on these websites and see how they compare…then decide for yourself which is most accurate about your impact on the planet:

Check out the CIMA Greenest of the Green page to learn more about how cellulose insulation is helping to make the planet a better place.

Happy Earth Day.