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GreenPower Leadership Awards

Insulation helps us make more efficient use of energy, but that’s only one element in the pursuit of a greener, more sustainable energy infrastructure. Each year the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy and the Center for Resource Solutions cosponsor the Green Power Leadership Awards.

The awards recognize organizations, companies, programs, and chart of the green power leadership award categories
individuals that significantly advance the development of green power. The chart at the left recaps the award categories offered under each partnering sponsor organization. The 2011 winners include a broad list of cities, entities and individuals from industrial giant Johnson & Johnson, to ubiquitous Google down to the small private Mercyhurst College. See the entire list of 2011 winners on the DOE’s website.

Nominations for the 2012 awards are being accepted now. Self nominations or nominations by another are allowed but all nominees must meet a strict set of guidelines in order to be nominated and to win. The nomination process and guidelines are available on the EPA’s website.

If you know an individual or entity leading the way toward green power and renewable energy in the U.S. consider nominating. It’s important to help identify and recognize those who are helping to reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign energy and every-increasingly expensive petroleum. Using energy-efficient products like cellulose insulation, in concert with green renewable sources of power, is critical to our economy and the environment.

Congratulations to the GreenPower leaders. We support their efforts.