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Home Insulation Fire Demonstration Video

Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute Home Insulation Fire Video

Maryland Fire Insulation Demo Video Thmbn
One of the most dramatic fire tests to compare the characteristics of various types of insulation in large simulated home fires was conducted in 1998 at the Maryland Fire & Safety Institute. The results are still valid today and worth reviewing by anyone interested in how various insulation products perform under a realistic fire situation.

The test was conducted under the supervision of The Code Consortium and Steven Winter Associates. The purpose of the demonstration was to compare the fire performance of three buildings: one without insulation, one with fiberglass batt insulation and one with cellulose insulation.

As demonstrated in other tests, the cellulose insulation was clearly far superior in controlling the spread of flames in the structure.  While both insulated homes fared better than the one without any insulation, according to the results noted for the demonstration, “The structure insulated with cellulose insulation proved 57% more fire resistant than the structure insulated with fiberglass.”

Watch the video now to get a better understanding of how cellulose insulation helps to control the spread of fires in homes.