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2008-04-24 15:18:22
M says:

Nice to see this also considers energy used to create the product... a lot of people overlook that / manufacturers try to hide that.

2008-05-19 16:47:18
macroview says:

I think this site should be forwarded to all the university professors teaching building construction and architecture. There must be many "green" projects that students are getting involved in; they could probably add some interesting dialogue and learn about the great performance characteristics of cellulose insulation.

2008-12-08 21:40:01
Vicky says:

Verry interesting tool for the insulation manifacturers.

2009-07-15 12:07:45

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2009-07-15 12:08:53
Mez says:

Thankyou so much for this site it has been a wonderful inspiration!!

2009-08-16 08:49:58
solar heating says:

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