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Introducing Cellulose Answer Man

CIMA Professionals Answer Your Insulation Questions

Cellulose Answer Man CIMA Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association
CIMA is pleased to introduce our new Cellulose Answer Man service here on the Greenest Insulation Blog. Users on our website and the blog often send in comments and questions on a wide range of topics. This new space will provide a convenient repository of answers to the many questions posed about cellulose insulation, construction and more.

The Answer Man is really our team at the Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association who bring a wealth of technical knowledge and experience to assist consumers and industry professionals in finding answers. The goal at CIMA is to push facts over myths by providing straight forward information about cellulose insulation and relevant topics. Additional information can always be found on the CIMA website.

Have a question, add it to any post or the Contact Us page here on the Greenest Insulation Blog, or use the Contact Us form on the CIMA website.