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Need For Recycled Building Materials Never Greater

Cellulose Insulation Has Industry’s Highest Recycled Content

Cellulose Insulation 85% Recycled Graphic
World-wide the amount of construction related waste continues to increase as growth booms in developed and emerging economies both. The need for recycling construction waste, and for innovative construction products that use recycled material, has never been greater. 

A recent Transparency Market Research report noted on the Construction Drive website estimated “the industry’s waste volume will nearly double to 2.2 billion tons by 2025, with North America being the second-largest waste producer.”

No insulation product, and few other building materials, have the recycled content found in cellulose insulation. It is up to 85% recycled material – most of it post-consumer waste paper. Just as importantly, unlike almost any other building material, there is little post installation waste since over-spayed product is recovered onsite and reused when properly installed by a professional contractor.

There is a reason why cellulose insulation is known as The Greenest of the Green. It’s concept has been around at least since Jefferson used old newspaper to insulate the walls of his famed Monticello estate, and today’s products provide excellent energy saving properties. We applaud researchers currently working to bring forward construction recycling and recycled building material products to the construction industry. 

2018-04-20 22:00:59
Dminty says:

Your comment on gloves and respirator is extremely important. Fibers in typical batt'' insulation are glass which will imbed in your hands and permanently lodge in lungs. Cellulose insulation may be a better choice although it doesn''t have the same fibrous quality.

2018-05-08 16:20:50
Dennis says:

Cellulose Insulation would be a fantastic way to make house building greener in the future! Just by advertising how much recycled material is used in this insulation, I'm sure consumers would jump on using it in their next big home renovation project! This could be added to a list of energy saving tips for the home, because it not only saves energy by insulating the home, but it reduces waste that uses up energy! The construction industry should make this a standard product ASAP!

2018-05-25 09:26:45
CIMA Admin says:

Cellulose insulation offers superior insulating values to fiberglass batts and as good or better than blown-in fiberglass...without the issues related to glass fibers as you note. See our website for side-by-side comparisons of insulation products for more details