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Passive House Concept Explained

New White Board Video Simplifies Passive House Concept

Passive House Video Whiteboard Link CIMA
There have been a few articles on the Greenest Insulation Blog that recognize the Passive House topic. It’s actually a very basic concept where, according to Wikipedia: A house that is designed as an ultra-low energy building that requires little energy for space heating or cooling. An article posted here on the blog in July 2014, specifically discussing the concept, recently caused a reader to contact CIMA with more information on Passive Houses.

Peter Deniger, a Realtor in Colorado and his team at eXp Realty, have created a website with a whiteboard-style video that does an excellent job of explaining the passive house concept in layman terms. It’s a very good resource for those interested in learning more on the subject. As concerns about climate change continue to dominate headlines, and costs of heating and cooling a home increase annually, more people are beginning to look for ways they can save money while helping the environment.

The effort by Deniger to make the passive house understandable is encouraging. Visit his website and see the video now.

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