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Timmy asks:

I am a building maintenance teacher in southern WV. My students are going to exit my class in an area of a lot of old homes that do not currently have insulation in the walls. I know that blown in insulation can be an easy product for them to use in that space, but I don’t have the most experience with blown in insulation. I have a couple homes I would use this product in myself. I would love to have an expert come in and give my students a presentation on cellulose insulation!


Thanks for your interest in cellulose insulation. There is info on our website about retrofitting walls with cellulose insulation I suggest you search You Tube to start your search as well. CIMA producer member GreenFiber has a few videos linked from their web site. There is also a rather old publication written by a friend of mine 50 years ago. The two-hole blow method Roger describes in this piece is rarely used anymore. Common practice is to install insulation through a fill tube, as you will see on our website and in the on line videos. I am looking into a possible scenario that would let you observe insulation installation operations. If it can be arranged it would require a drive to Southeast Ohio, if that is acceptable to you. I will keep you informed.


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