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Think Insulation When Thinking About Cold Winter Weather

News Article Attests To Insulation Upgrade Savings

Where To Put Home Insulation To Stop Air Leaks
The first sign of coming colder weather typically leads many homeowners to start thinking (once again in most cases) of upgrading their home insulation. There are many examples online of how much savings homeowners can gain by reducing their energy bills with improved insulation and other energy efficiency upgrades. There are also special deals by manufacturers and incentives from local, state and federal governments for energy efficiency improvements.

An article we found in the Greenfield Recorded in Massachusetts provides a good example of just how big the savings can be with the writer noting results of her home improvement job from several years back: “in the past 20 years, I have put over $80,000 in my pocket…” That’s huge savings and from a very credible source.

We like the line in the article where the author notes if doing the upgrades today: “I would have cellulose insulation everywhere…”

Find more on incentives for energy improvements by state or even zip code on the DSIRE website. Contact a CIMA Producer Member for referrals on insulation contractors knowledgeable about cellulose insulation.