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What Can Be Covered Up When Blowing Insulation In Attics

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Aaron F. asked:

I had brand new electrical installed in my 2nd floor. Can I cover 1900 and 11b boxes that run along my floor in the attic? I also have 16 x 8 ductwork that is covered in the bubble wrap insulation along with a high energy efficient furnace that has drainage going away from it, all installed on the floor. My only concern is covering up my 1900 and 11b electrical boxes because they have access covers on top.


Questions about what can and cannot be covered by blown-in cellulose when installed in attics is a common topic from viewers. Since the electrical boxes are not “heat-producing devices” – at least they shouldn’t be – there is no reason not to cover them with insulation. Recessed lighting for example does produce heat and so these cannot be covered. Keep in mind, blown in insulation will be at a level of several inches after it is installed. So access covers should be flagged in some way so they can be located if ever needed in the future. Learn more about how to prep an attic for cellulose insulation here on our blog.


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