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Why Did CIMA Not Include Wallboard In Fire Tests

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Darrel S. asked:

Why were each of the tests (in the videos on website) done without a wall finish, such as gypsum board? The addition of gypsum board might change the temperature of the material behind it and, because the temperature within the room may rise faster, it may also cause flashover to occur faster.

CIMA Insulation Building Fire Test Video


Great question! The tests were performed by an accredited laboratory exactly as specified by the NFPA 286 test method. The purpose was to demonstrate the fire performance of the insulation materials. The expectation was that the spray-applied materials would all “pass” while batts would “fail.” That proved to be correct. Gypsum board would almost certainly change the test results, but this was a test of the insulation materials themselves, not gypsum board. Thanks for your interest in cellulose insulation.

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