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Over-Sprayed Insulation - Recovered & Reused On-Site

Virtually No Product Waste Is
Generated From Cellulose Insulation


The waste created during installation of a building product has an impact on the environment. Most construction projects have large dumpsters on site full of construction waste and debris from building products that ends up in the waste stream and requires shipping to landfills further impacting the environment.

Cellulose insulation is fully recovered and reused on site, when installed by professional insulation contractors, leaving virtually no excess material to return to the waste stream. Installing cellulose insulation in attics creates almost no discarded material. Special machines used in the blown-in process allow excess or over spayed material to be vacuumed up and be blown back in on site or salvaged for a future installation.

Minimizing or eliminating waste at the job site is a huge environmental advantage when considering using cellulose insulation. Check those construction site dumpsters after batts or foam is installed and there will typically be quite a bit of excess material headed into the waste stream where it will never decompose in a landfill.

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